Facebook is investing 1.5 million users of the Privacy Act, the European

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The platform for the social networking Facebook offer a wonderful demonstrations of interest to the protection of data of its users, but it is proved today that this is an illusion, where the company confirmed to Reuters that it will not extend the laws regulating data protection of the EU GDPR in all over the world, in spite of the pledge Mark Zuckerberg the application of the “spirit” of the legislation at the level of the world.

This means that users of the social network who number 1.5 million residents in Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America, will not enjoy the same protection which is enjoyed by the Facebook users within the EU of 28, it should be noted that in the case of you Facebook users outside the United States, Europe and Canada, you won’t be able to make a complaint about the company in the courts of Ireland.

Requires the laws and data protection regulation of the EU, which will enter the over development in the May 25 rule, that the companies seek to obtain the consent of users before collecting their data and use them and share them with advertisers and other partners, it also imposes heavy fines of up to 4 percent of the annual revenue of the global, which in turn may amount to billions of dollars in the case of Facebook, in case of violation of data protection rules new and to keep these data safe and secure.

She said Facebook, by amending the terms and conditions, the transfer of responsibility for all users outside of the United States, Canada, and the European Union from its headquarters in Ireland to its main offices in California, this means that these users will be now in a position governed by American law and not the Law of the Irish, so are the laws of the United States more lenient in regard to privacy, which will be in effect.

It is scheduled to enter this step into effect shortly before the entry of the general rules of the data protection GDPR comes into force in Europe, and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company, has indicated that the company intends to apply the spirit of the Law on the network users in all over the world, and accordingly changes have been made on its website demanding that users review their privacy settings.

Looking for the new changes it will not be allowed to network users outside of the European Union for 1.5 million users to take action against the company in the event of the occurrence of the risk in the same way that you will get the citizens of the European Union, explained that Facebook for its part the reason for this change in the terms of service that nothing in the specific language required by the Law of the European Union.

According to the general law of data protection the European Union (GDPR), will need people who are between the ages of 13 and 15 living in one of the States of the European Union to the permission of their parents or guardians to activate some of the advantages offered by Facebook, such as seeing ads that rely on the data provided by the parents or dependent on some specific concerns, including political views, religious or things that interest them which you know on their account.

It seems clear that the company wants to protect itself from legal consequences, because their business model and services depends heavily on the collection of as much data as possible about their users, so that they will continue to make money through the advertising targeting specific users.

Facebook is investing 1.5 million users of the Privacy Act European

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