Facebook is launching its tool for data privacy and users to the end of the year

فيسبوك تَعد بإطلاق أداتها لمحو بيانات الخصوصية للمستخدمين نهاية العام

House talk during the last few months for work, Facebook on tool for the history of data privacy for users, where they came directly Facebook this after a number of violations committed by the right of users ‘ data private and share it with a number of applications and external parties, in addition to the breakthroughs made by and caused the diversion of as much of information and personal data of its users.

As reported CNBC , the CFO of Facebook has confirmed that the organization will launch a tool to erase the history of data privacy for users the end of the year, becoming the user is able to delete any data collected by the organization through access to third-party applications that engages the user; the mechanism of deletion of data is quite similar to the process of erasing the browsing history in any web browsers.

In seeking the company of this step is to correct the approach followed by the violation of users ‘ data and trace, without the knowledge or permission; especially after the consequences of the loss of trust that came after the scandal of the Cambridge Asia famous.

Although the launch of this tool will serve as the transfer process quality to increase the user’s control made a statement of his; however, he can’t say for sure, launching the concept of Full being will limit the ability of Facebook to target ads to users in accordance with their directions, which raises the suspicion that the organization may review the other way to collect information about users to continue to achieve the targeted ads more effective although allegedly its executive director their desire to restore the confidence of the users via this launch of this tool.

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