Facebook is looking to design their own processors, according to a new report


For companies such as Apple and Samsung, it is logical for her to develop their own processors. Given that Facebook is known as a social network, it seems a bit strange to say this company is developing their own processors, but that’s what it refers to is actually a new report released recently from the website of Bloomberg.

According to the report, it appears that Facebook collects a team to oversee the design of processors and tortillas. This is based on a list of new recruitment which is looking through her Facebook on the city for the development and evaluation of software and tariffs for treatments. As explained by the site Bloomberg, it seems that the company plans to Facebook to design their own processors are still in the early stages.

However, it is not clear what is the purpose of it. After all, Facebook does not generate its own devices, the efforts of the previous company in the field devices is carried out in collaboration with other companies, such as HTC Corporation, which collaborated with her on the phone, HTC First. You could simply be Facebook’s plans to expand to other areas to generate more income or is this refers to the plans the biggest?

Anyway, it may be too early to tell what are you up to Facebook Inc, assuming that this report is true, therefore it is best to deal with what has been said so far with the least amount of protection.


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