Facebook is more secure in the application of conversation and version Messenger special desktop

فيسبوك تعد بأمان أكثر في تطبيقات المحادثة وتعلن عن نسخة ماسنجر خاصة لسطح المكتب

The conference of Facebook F8 annual to which the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg amounts to talk about the plan of the new security that the company follows to provide a safe environment supported by encrypt conversations free of penetrations to the users in all the conversation of yours, try to return public trust to Facebook after a torrent of abuses and intrusions that know her, to give her butt about police work on a special version desktop from chat application Facebook Messenger for both operating systems Mac and windows will be their at the end of the year.

While individuals on their smart phones mainly for the use of conversational applications is the category of staff benefited the most from the existence of a special application desktop of Messenger, given the state most of the time on the computers was their own during the action, which in turn facilitates the process of communication deftly navigated the same with certain people without the need to stay connected on the social network itself being the application will be detached by itself, this does not negate never benefited the ordinary people of them also the same way of being will provide the user an easy way to connect from multiple devices.

In Will application desktop voice calls video calls and a number of other features that as long as chosen by the users through version Messenger your phones, where the company is working on testing the offline version will be available to the public the end of the year as previously stated the company.

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