Facebook is planning to incorporate talks WhatsApp into user

It seems that Facebook is planning to incorporate talks WhatsApp into master, as the report of the New York Times.

If Facebook, this feature will enable communication with the users of the WhatsApp user enter via a single application; therefore the user Messenger won’t need other apps to have a conversation with a user of WhatsApp, and vice versa, as is the case between WhatsApp enter, and the messenger enter.

We also, will the application of three separate nature, namely, that Facebook will not freeze them in one application.

Will my conversations on the encryption feature until the end that it enjoys at the present time, and therefore can’t see the content of the messages, only the parties to the conversation.

This has been confirmed a spokesperson for Facebook, the authenticity of the report in a statement to the New York Times, and it’s continued to Facebook on the plans, expected to destroy the talks altogether by 2020.

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