Facebook is planning to launch a video chat home based “Portal” next week

فيسبوك تخطط لإطلاق جهاز الدردشة المرئية المنزلي "Portal" الأسبوع القادم

Facing rumors about Facebook on the production of a domestic helper since the beginning of the current year, and will be their first experience in the market of consumer products of the door of the aid home, and since the duration of the brief conducted Facebook experiences around voice recognition in its apps, which confirmed the serious work of Facebook on the production device by the Home Portal like Amazon Echo Show.

According to Cheddar , it will be the focus in the Portal on the technology of facial recognition Face ID or you’ll go to recognize users and linking them to their account on the social network and follow-up.

He was supposed to learn Facebook on the device in the month of May, where several report that the company will be held at developer conference F8, but it is clear that the issue of the leaking of users ‘ information is a well-known scandal Cambridge Analytica, had a significant impact in the postponement of the detection device at a time when the company lost the trust of a lot of users to their social platform.

While touched Cheddar to the specifications of the device Facebook new according to information obtained from the men of the company, being the device to have two copies in two different sizes the company, the price will remain larger about 400$ while the owner of the screen smaller would price it about$300.

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