Facebook is preparing to launch devices Portal new this year

فيسبوك تستعد لإطلاق أجهزة Portal جديدة هذا العام

Entered the Facebook of last year the market of smart devices and assistance, home, if you will With launched PCs Portal , which represents a platform for making video calls between users with provided some other advantages for conversation and the possibility to do a task plugin home are simple, but they seem determined to re-Ball this year with new versions.

Said Andrew Bosworth, the director of the Department of virtual reality and augmented reality, that his company is working on the launch of the devices Portal new in the fall of this year with different advantages, so that there is a new generation of electronic parts have appeared recently – so the company hopes to use it to develop better equipment.

Feature devices Portal help users to do Talks video using the application Messenger with ease, it also features a camera track the user is smart when you release it allows him to do special tasks to make the call at once without any effect, which is characteristic for different categories of housewives.

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