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Company sent Facebook new signals indicate that they are serious in the matter of creation of chip its own, where it joined to the company of the Apple TV have Amazon in an attempt to create a chip dedicated to, according to a report published by the Agency Bloomberg, the giant of social networking has this month hired shahryar spring Shahriar Rabii, to be Vice-President of the company and head of the Department silicon is headed its efforts in building the chip has internal processing, so with the realization of many important technology companies owning the development group the whole of the development to the manufacturing.

Joined the monthly path to Google in 2011, and helped lead the team responsible for building customized chips for the company, including partner of the Visual Core of the Ad Hoc phone Pixel the smartphone, also participated in the creation of the chip to protect the servers known as “Titan” Titan, according to King shahryar on the platform of the LinkedIn LinkedIn it will under the management of Andrew Bosworth Andrew Bosworth, Director of the Department of virtual reality and augmented reality.

The giant social networking began to form a team for the design of the chip earlier this year, where the company is trying to Menlo Park in California to develop its efforts in relation to the semiconductor, which can be useful for a variety of various efforts, including information-processing centres, big data and artificial intelligence.

The company’s Mountain View giant’s headquarters in California to develop more chips for their organs in the future, Google plans later this year to launch phones Pixel the new provider camera been upgraded and extended from edge to edge within the larger model the new.

Include the move of Facebook, Google part of the direction it is seeking technology companies to provide the same semiconductor and reduce its dependence on manufacturing companies chip like Intel and Qualcomm.

Apple has to provide its custom home in computers iPads tablets and phones for iPhone smart since 2010, and has established a set of slides allocated for the Bluetooth to pick up the photos and make machine learning tasks, hopes Apple by the year 2020 to start in the shipment of computers Macintosh which used its own key instead of processors Intel.

And Facebook on many of the consumer devices of the future through the Department’s virtual reality laboratory Building 8, and launched the company earlier this year system of virtual reality the independent Oculus Go, which still use a custom segment for smartphones from Qualcomm.

The company also works on the development of the first consumer product range bearing its brand, which consists of a series of smart speakers with a large touch screen, which can also be used for video chats.

Can improve future generations of these devices by the processors allocated to, as you may have Facebook to decide the best in product development thanks to the chip, along with the possibility of linking its software and organs better, the work the chip has allocated to improve the company’s efforts in the field of artificial intelligence.

And Facebook to develop the use of artificial intelligence to understand the nature of the content published by people on the social media platform better and get rid of hate speech and accounts of fake videos-violent, and relies a lot of these operations on the servers include processing units graphics modified from Nvidia, and it seems that the products your company specifically designed for such tasks may serve the company better.

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