Facebook is seeking to hire researchers and engineers in the field of “book series”

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It was published by Facebook ads recruitment looking for engineers and researchers in the field of “book series” the Blockchain, as it seems that a new effort to redouble its efforts in the transition to a “decentralized”.

It is jobs you are looking for giant social networks are now global in data, engineer, data, along with software engineers, to join the team book series.

And in the declaration on employment, wrote of Facebook: “the team series of books is a startup within Facebook, carrying the vision to make technology a series of books operating on the scale of Facebook”. She added: “It’s a small group, fast-growing, but the talent of the people who have a passion to change the world”.

In addition, the company is looking also for a leader of product marketing to manage the project. In this regard, you of Facebook in the job description: “the team series of books of not very important for this task, we are looking for a proven leader to build and manage a new team to market the product is focused on exploring opportunities that bring their book series”.

It should be noted that the book series or what is also known as the “block Chi” is a database distributed and characterized by its ability to manage the growing list of Records named, and each block on the timestamp and a link to the book. The series of books the Deanship of the digital currency encrypted.

Referred to to Facebook has established a team book series earlier this year, in order to explore the possibility of using a series of books within the social network.

It was reported that the company already has 12 people working on the series books and digital currencies. He was saying that the team’s former president to develop the Messenger, David Marcus, who served previously as a member of the board of Directors of the company “Queen Bess” Coinbase.

The rumors about the interest in Facebook frameworks, decentralization appeared the first time after being pointed out CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, it is believed that the technique series of books and Digital have the ability to “seize the power of the central systems and put them in the hands of the people”.

It is not yet known how you will use facebook these techniques are emerging, but they seem to realize its importance and to be late in catching up with companies that began investment in this area.

The gate Arab News Technical Facebook is seeking to hire researchers and engineers in the field of “book series”

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