Facebook is sharing my data analysis company Korea out of the misuse of their applications on the platform

فيسبوك تقاضي شركة تحليل بيانات كورية بداعي سوء استخدام تطبيقها على المنصة

Facebook Inc. has announced via her blog News Newsroom raised the issue on data analysis company the South Korean race because of the recent exploit to develop their general problem to product in a manner contrary to its policy, where he said Facebook that was achieved in practices contrary to the company linked to the advertising services and other marketing.

Adding that the race has failed to obey and enjoy with Facebook policies on advertising and marketing services are imposed on all developers that says they are using as grounds for their kindred, where they were already to stop all the apps and accounts of the company were sued in a California court to force it to agree on the terms of the basic cooperation that is Abraham with her to allow the return of business applications on the platform.

Noted Facebook to the to this procedure against race is a message to all developers and guide on their seriousness in dealing with violators of its insistence on the enforcement of its policies including cooperation with it by them in any such investigation. Like the company would also like to say to everyone that the scandal of the Cambridge Asia will not be repeated again, and we started a new chapter in the protection of users ‘ data.

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