Facebook is struggling with the spread of the weapon models for 3D printing on its platform

As reported by Buzzfeed News, the social network has serious problems with the proliferation of not very legitimate files, so limits the spread of links to web pages that contain the instructions for building weapons on a 3D printer. Recall that earlier this month a US Federal court in Seattle decided to block digital plans to create improvised weapons. In addition, Facebook is now not in the best position in the eyes of the senators in July, the social network lost $ 60 billion market capitalization.

Last week, users of Facebook and Instagram started to receive messages with error when trying to share links CodeIsFreeSpeech.com other web pages with information about improvised weapons. Now the ban became official:

“Sharing the instructions on how to print firearms using 3D printers, is prohibited in accordance with our standards of society. In accordance with our privacy policy, we will delete the content from Facebook”.

3D printing weapons is a real threat?

Without going into details, Facebook told Buzzfeed that the company is exploring options to more strictly enforce the ban on the distribution of three-dimensional models printing on its platform. But the debate is not over.

We also wonder something else: given a permit to carry weapons without a license (in some States) in the United States, how this trend could affect the countries in which the carrying of weapons, even traumatic, requires permission? How will local authorities to combat the spread of dangerous schemes and plans, if 3D printers will become affordable and widespread?

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