Facebook is suing a Chinese company because of fraud ad

Raised company Facebook company sued the Hong Kong-based Chinese nationals, urging users to click on pictures of celebrities and sponsored links to counterfeit even be able to install malicious code to penetrate the user accounts and run ads goods counterfeit pills and weight loss supplements.

Refused Facebook the lawsuit against the company ILikeAd Media International Chen Xiao Cong Chen Xiao Cong Huang Tao Huang Tao, alleging that Chen Xiao has developed software harmful, while Huang Tao is responsible for the deployment and install addition malware.

Said Rob Leith of Rob Leathern, director of product management to the integrity of the work in Facebook: you think the lawsuit is a way to put the consequences of such persons away from closing their account AD and to prevent them from using the product, he added, “has the impact of this fraudulent scheme on the persons in many countries, which is we started to investigate in late 2018”.

This track suit legal action similar to the movie you this year related ads and other malware, as the company raised in August filed a lawsuit on the two app makers of Chinese who alleged that they committed fraud advertising via software to click on ads within Facebook.

As the company filed in March a lawsuit against two Ukrainians who claimed that they use the malware to steal user data.

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Explained Facebook files new lawsuit before the court that the scammers trick users to install software of their harmful by way of assembled with other programs, so it’s trying to penetrate the user’s account on Facebook once installed, adding that the defendants used the accounts to display ads offended often use images of celebrities to sell counterfeit goods.

And the giant social networking to to software malicious has been programmed to discover whether it has been to set up the account grabber to display ads and then run ads and make the owner of the account pays the cost of publication of such ads, which is a clear violation of the terms of Service and advertising to Facebook.

And the complaint filed before the federal court in San Francisco to get compensation non-specific and ban scammers from Facebook, said: this kind of lawsuits is rare, and since the month of April has informed hundreds of thousands of users that their accounts may have been compromised.

Recall that the company’s Menlo Park in California has indicated that it returned more than $ 4 million of refunds to customers who have been using their accounts by ILikeAd display ads are unauthorized, according to the complaint, was promoted to ILikeAd yourself a solution to advertisers in the hope of marketing their products on Facebook.

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