Facebook is suing a Korean company to improve data

The company said Facebook Friday: it’s filed a lawsuit against the company to analyze data in South Korea for violating the company policies, data developers, and its refusal to succumb to mandatory review.

She said the American company that owns the largest social trading network in the world in a statement: she filed a lawsuit against the company “PageRank Weaver” Rankwave in the court of the state of California after an investigation in the misuse of their data “in respect of the services of advertising and marketing”.

Reported Facebook that the company “PageRank Weaver” refused to cooperate with it when it sought to review and audit with the group’s South Korean, which is a mandatory process for all developers who use its platform.

Said Jessica Romero – city of the system application and in Facebook – said in a statement: “through the suit, send a message to developers that Facebook is serious in the application of our policies, including requiring developers to cooperate with us during the investigation.”

Power to Facebook to tighten control on how to use the developers external data in the wake of the scandal, “Cambridge Analytica” Cambridge Analytica, which earned the political consulting firm of British wrong on the personal information of some 87 million users of Facebook by third parties.

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According to the court, which was released yesterday Friday, I started the company, “PageRank Weaver” since 2014 to use data Facebook has collected from its applications “for commercial purposes”, including the provision of consulting services to advertisers and marketers, which is inconsistent with the policies of Facebook.

Said Facebook: “we’ve damaged the bad behavior of the ‘Ranh preferably’ also the reputation of Facebook, and its confidence among the public, good intentions, and led to the expenditure of Facebook resources to investigate the behavior of the ‘Ranh preferably’ wrong and treatment”.

She also said: “the PageRank Weaver” earned unfairly on the amount of 9.8 million US dollars through the use of its data to Facebook. The company added that it wants the court to “apply the terms of the basic cooperation” approved by “PageRank Weaver” in order to run applications on the Facebook platform.

Called Facebook also claimed non-specific, as it sought to restore what you’ve earned. “Ranh preferably” of benefit through the use of Facebook data.

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