Facebook is taking additional actions that will make users more control over their privacy

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Author Irene Egan, Vice President and head of privacy and policy, Ashley berenger, Vice President and adviser to the Deputy General Manager in Facebook

Proved to us last week the amount of work required to implement it to enhance our policies to help users understand the mechanism of action of a platform of facebook and the options available to them on their statements, we heard loud and clear that it is difficult to find privacy settings and other tools that we have to make a greater effort to keep users informed, so Add to Mark’s remarks last week “to take strict measures against the abusers on the Facebook platform,” which strengthened our policies make it easy for users to restrict the ability of devices to access their data We will over the coming weeks by additional measures that will make the users more ability to control their privacy, most of these updates have been under work for some time, but the events that took place during the past few days highlighted the importance of the issue.

To facilitate the process of finding the settings and Data Tools

We have re-designed the list of India available on mobile devices fully from beginning to end to facilitate to find things, instead of posting the settings for 20 different screen, it is now possible to access from one place, and then we moreover remove previous settings, so clear the nature of the data that can be shared with devices which can’t be seen.

A list of privacy shortcuts new

As well as simplifying the list of India, tell us users that we should make it easier to find information, privacy, security, ads, and shortcuts to privacy New a list you can check your data by few clicks, with interpretations less about the workings of the control buttons, and the experiment has become now visible and easy to find, and you can by this list:

  • Make your account more secure: you can add levels of protection to your account a greater extent, such as the process of transformation that takes place in two stages, if you are offered this property and someone wanted to access your account from a device we don’t recognize, we’ll ask you to confirm that you you you do.
  • Controlling your personal information: you can review the things that you have shared and check them out if you want, this includes publications that you have shared or interacted with her, and friend requests that you sent and the things that you searched for by Facebook.
  • Control declarations that you see: you can manage the information that we use to display your ads, along with the interaction of the favorite about the mechanism of action of data and options owned by them.
  • The management of people who share your publications and your profile: everything you publish on Facebook belong to you so you can take over the management of things such as people who share your posts and information that choose to be included in your personal health.

Custom tools to find the download and delete data Facebook your

Is a single solution to enable you to get the policy explains the data we collect and use, but more useful for users to see and manage their personal information, some users want to delete things that they shared in the past, while others are curious about the information contained in the Facebook.

So we are working on the introduction of the feature “access to information” to serve as a safe way to enable users to access their information and management such as publications and interactions and comments and things that they are looking for, you can access this property to delete anything from your timeline or your profile page which no longer want their presence on Facebook.

Thus it will become easy for you to download the data that you share on Facebook, they are at the end of your data, and you can now download a safe copy of them and even transfer them to another service, this includes images that you have downloaded the contacts that you have added to your account besides the existing publications on your timeline, and more.

The way of the future

It is also your responsibility to notify us in a manner the collection and use of your data in the language a detailed and easy to understand, and during the coming weeks, we’ll give people suggestions about updates to the terms of service of Facebook include our commitments towards the users.

We’ll also update the context of our data so we can better determine the nature of the data that we may collect and how we use it, and these updates are about transparency, not about getting new rights to collect, use or share data.

Note that we use a third-party regulatory and legislative experts privacy on these tools and updates, and will be in the quiver we have a lot to share over the coming weeks including updates on the proceedings published by Mark last week.

Facebook is taking additional actions that will make users more control over their privacy

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