Facebook is talking with Qualcomm to develop a project there to raise the speed of your Internet connection Wireless


فيسبوك تتحد مع كوالكوم لتطوير مشروع تيراغراف لرفع سرعة اتصال الانترنت اللاسلكي

Facebook Inc. has announced two years ago for a development project known as the year “Terragraph” which aims to raise the speed of the wireless connection to the internet is very large.

The company aims of this project is to increase the efficiency of the router devices broadband to increase the speed of the connection and data transfer via Wi-Fi, which will make the devices send data with a frequency up to 60 GHz continuously, which would help users in all areas to get on the internet quick and easy.

This made Facebook choose Qualcomm to develop chips special watch there, where you will merge the technical with the chip or panel of the router motor to provide manufacturers, which will then provide the router and speed up the frequency to 60 GHz.

In addition to the entry of Qualcomm in the draft facebook, the company announced a manufactured chip contact support contact report of 5G, and will be available to buy smartphones in the next year to take advantage of them in the manufacturing of its phones.



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