Facebook is trying and on Pinterest with their new application Hobbi


If you are looking for a way to collect ideas or to store some of the results of your favorite on the internet, it is likely to be Pinterest a good place to start. However, it seems that Facebook is currently trying to beat Pinterest by its own thing, only the company recently launched a new application named Hobbi.

This new application looks like the application of Pinterest in the sense that it allows users to record and collect ideas for their or else or their ideas for upcoming projects. Will also allow users to organize content in groups consisting of photos and videos, with the added advantage of the ability to track the status of the program over a period of time.

It is interesting to find the application Hobbi is not linked to Facebook because there is no component of social interaction within the app. As explained by the site TechCrunch, this makes the app looks like an number of some kind rather than to be an extension of Facebook or the application for social interaction.

However, it is unclear what the compatibility of the application Hobbi at the moment. As is the case for the projects Facebook beta, this app will be available in some areas only, which means that there is likely to not be available on a large scale, at least at the moment. Also, we’re not sure of the goals of Facebook’s long-term investigation, but it is supposed that it will depend to a large extent on his performance.

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