Facebook is trying to attract users of Instagram to Messenger

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فيسبوك يحاول جذب المستخدمين من إنستاجرام إلى ماسنجر

Trying to social platform the world’s largest Facebook to attract users of the platform share photos Instagram to their contacts in the Messaging platform Messenger, where it is clear that the giant social network is trying to bridge the gap between their services instead of through the introduction of its latest feature, which is allowing Facebook users the possibility to synchronize contacts Instagram their own directly with the messenger.

This step comes as part of the efforts of Facebook growing to connect all the services with Instagram, as the company is brewing a new feature in the platform photo sharing allows public accounts to remove persons from the list of followers, if they wish to do so, has also been monitoring another feature still in the testing phase, which allows users to interact with the stories of Instagram similar to a completely way of thinking with Facebook.

And new feature as an additional option to the option previously available on the sync your phone contacts with Messenger, confirmed the organization putting the water to the public, so that the ability to sync contacts as the next step after choosing the month of December that allowed users to import contacts from Instagram to Messenger.

Water can be used via option “Connect Instagram” within the tab “people” in Messenger, which is available next to the option to sync “all contacts” within your smart device with the product, where this option synchronizes all your contacts immediately, without asking for permission, and you cannot undo this once you click this button, and that the process of putting the water you gradually to all users, and find may take some time to watch you have.

Once you sync your account Instagram Your with Messenger facebook, the app adds your contacts automatically from Instagram, and it becomes your user name on Instagram is visible to users Messenger others, however, don’t feel distraught about this feature, as pointed out by one Twitter users to it is not clear that the pressure on the button “Connect Instagram” means that Messenger will add contacts Instagram your automatically to.

The organization has chosen the month of December 2017 and an option very similar to make sync between contacts Instagram with the messenger, but she didn’t provide to the public, and it has disappeared later option, as this is not the first time you add a company to Facebook’s integration between its applications, as awarded the companies in the year 2016 access to the mailbox standard of the talks from the platform through its various, including Facebook user instead.

As chosen by last year feature of notifications via the app, there is also the option to run Facebook through Instagram itself, through icon within your profile page on Instagram, the timing of the introduction of water remarkable, given that the messaging service of private initiative instead became a service freelancing is common among users through the application of Direct.

It should be noted the number of participants in the service of the Direct approximately 375 million users, which is what prompted the organization to provide this service through a standalone application launched in the past year in a number of countries, and with the presence of many users who are texting now cross-platform Instagram owned by Facebook, it is clear that the company wants to take advantage of this activity is to implement the application Messenger its also.

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