Facebook is trying to replace the changes to the privacy iPhone next

Posted Facebook blog New explain through her how to use applied to the data site prior to the issuance of the update Potential system (iOS), which allows users of iPhone iPhone display pop-ups regularly tell them which apps collect location information in the background.

And rise of Facebook through the intervention of the city for use of site data in (iOS), and through her how to rely on location data, and how they affect software updates (iOS) and Android new access to that information.

Said Blog: Facebook best with location data, and people – as part of the update (iOS) – alerts with information about apps that collect location information of their own in the background and the number of times which arrived in a certain time period.

Show the development people on a map the spot where the question of the phone for the coordinates, the people start – when water arrives within the (iOS 13) – to receive alerts numerous explain to them how to access Facebook to their site information.

And Apple happened to the Press on Tuesday is expected to reveal new phones as you usually do during this time of the year, and Apple usually update (iOS) within two weeks of event for iPhone your own.

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Can the new update system (iOS) users an additional option is to choose to share their location with an app only once, so that the app then asks permission from the user again each time he wants access to location information.

In the case of the Chosen People allowed an app access to location information continuously, the Apple TV send out reports about how to use this information.

Despite these updates, the Facebook is still able to collect information about the location of someone, even in the case of turn off the location settings on the device, in accordance with the Latin.

Said Facebook: still we can understand the position of using things, such as the registration of access; events; and information about your internet connection, and tried the product analysis of the upcoming changes and explain the reason of the usefulness of location sharing when using Facebook.

According to the teen, the location sharing feature useful features, such as check-in, and make planning events easier, and help to improve the ads, and you and the Facebook community safe.

Used features, such as the search for the wireless network and friends nearby, the exact location even when not using the app to make sure the accuracy of the alerts and tools.

It can be Enable Location Sharing in the background useful to improve the user experience through the many apps that include maps or recommendations relevant to the site, but applications can also take advantage of the data collection without the users consent.

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