Facebook is working on a TV camera to allow for live broadcasting and video chats

فيسبوك تعمل على تلفزيون بكاميرا لإتاحة البث المباشر ومحادثات الفيديو

Launched Facebook with the beginning of this month My Device Portal and Portal + watch the video calls is easy with the help of voice assistant Alexa, but what if that step was just the beginning? So that the site of the Cheddar pointed to the wishes of the company in building a TV camera to provide live streaming service.

While the Portal services, video chats and some programs and listen to music on tablets rather, it means that the device closest assistant, my home screen offers video chats, but anyway, keep the machine unlimited possibilities.

And it seems that Facebook is like a competition the biggest in the market of interactive devices, televisions and the way Amazon and Apple parking, where thinking about developing a TV show but with a camera provide broadcast services or video chats; but the difference is that Amazon, for example, offer interactive TV as a small, looks like Facebook is determined to develop it in an integrated and more.

It is natural that we can share it, is the development company for ” London” or “Portal TV” if you will, so that adds a camera and contains the advantages of the TVs next to the services of its devices that launched recently to the analysis of the screens normal to the Portal huge.

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