Facebook is working on artificial intelligence technology to "improve" human memory – CNN Arabia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Facebook has announced new research in the field of artificial intelligence that may help pave the way for a major change in how artificial intelligence, and some technology-dependent devices, work in our daily lives.

The company announced a real voice simulator that will allow researchers to train artificial intelligence systems in virtual three-dimensional spaces, with sounds that mimic those that occur in closed spaces, which may one day enable the AI assistant to track the ringing of a smartphone in a remote room.

Facebook also revealed an indoor mapping tool designed to help AI systems better understand and remember details of interior spaces, such as the number of chairs in the dining room or whether there is a cup on the table.

This is not possible with existing technologies, as smart speakers cannot "see" the world around them, and computers cannot find their way around indoors like humans.

Facebook's chief technology officer, Mike Schropfer, hopes that this business, despite its early stages, may eventually run products like smart glasses to help you remember everything, from where you left your keys to whether you added vanilla to your cake.

In short, he wants to improve artificial intelligence to enable it to improve human memory.

In an interview with CNN about the company's vision for the future of artificial intelligence, Schroopfer said that "if you can build these systems, they can help you remember the important parts of your life."

But Schroopfer's goal may depend on persuading people to trust Facebook to develop technology that may become deeply ingrained in their personal lives .. It is not easy after several years of controversy over privacy and concerns about the amount of personal information that the social network has from its users.

In order to turn these AI systems into a "memory machine", Schroopfer predicts that people will need to wear augmented reality glasses with sensors, adding: "At the end of the day, we hope these augmented reality glasses will somehow give the wearer superpowers."

Facebook, along with other tech companies such as Snap and Apple, are making augmented reality glasses.

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