Facebook is working on the development of a digital currency is encrypted for the transfer of funds via WhatsApp

فيسبوك تعمل على تطوير عملة رقمية مشفرة لتحويل الأموال عبر واتساب

Some time ago, I started a Facebook configure a special section of the report of the block Qi to develop different applications for the company, according to the latest reports the company will develop a digital currency for use in the transfer of funds in an easy manner via the messaging application of the famous WhatsApp, to news that emerged in May about the start-up company development process encrypted.

According to the published site Bloomberg in its report on the subject, Facebook seeks to be the Indian market is the first such work, but at the same time still far from its official launch, where she is still working on a strategy to launch alongside the provision of assets to embrace currency or real currency is used in contrast, and at the same time the company wants to make its currency stable and closer to the price of the dollar in order to comply more fully with the dealings.

Under the leadership of David Marcus, who became director of the section of block Qi in the company recently, after the advent of PayPal in 2014, there became a group of about 40 people within the section – as is clear on their personal accounts on LinkedIn.

Is considered thinking about Facebook in the theme development process is logical with very high use during the last few years, as her desire to open her work in India reflects the great layout done by the police, and the state has 200 million active users on WhatsApp as there was$ 69 million is transferred from Indians abroad to their families, which means the possibility of police access to a large share of commission in the case of the development of the work and use them over WhatsApp.

It is worth mentioning that the plan of Facebook is not the first for the development of digital currencies encrypted messaging apps, where they already have the term the same step in the middle of the year almost but didn’t know about the developments regarding access to work.

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