Facebook is working to develop a digital assistant to rival Alexa and Assistant Google

The company revealed Facebook they work on the development of the digital assistant my voice to compete with aid to other digital that I started to be very popular, such as “Alexa” Alexa of the Amazon and the “Siri” Siri of Apple TV and “see” Assistant of Google.

Aim and Facebook, which owns the largest social trading network in the world with more than 2.3 million monthly active users, to use the digital assistant smartphone which works on the development in the composition of the products, particularly your “Portal” Portal, which is used to gain access to its social network and messaging service instant messaging affiliate, “the Messenger” The Messenger.

A spokesman for the company told Reuters: “We are working to develop techniques to help the intelligent voice that can work in our family of products of virtual reality and augmented reality, including the ‘Portal‘ Portal, and ‘Oculus‘ Oculus, and future products”.

Prior to access Reuters on confirmation of the official spokesman on behalf of Facebook, the TV channel “CNBC” CNBC America Report reported that the team of Facebook who works on the technical interfacing with vendors series suppliers of smart speakers.

However, it is still not clear how you perceive Facebook exactly the people who use her digital, but will probably use it on speakerphone smart “portal” to chat video or audio, or virtual reality glasses “Oculus”, or other future projects, according to the “CNBC”.

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It is indicated that the amplifiers smart has become immensely popular around the world, where it is expected to possess a device “Echo” Echo from Amazon, according to market research company “e marquetry” eMarketer, approximately 63.3% of the market for loudspeakers in 2019, and then comes your “Google Home” Google Home second with 31%.

The company said market research “Canales” Canalys on Monday said she expects the number of smart speakers installed at the level of the world increased by 82.4% from the 114 million units in 2018, to 207.9 in 2019.

According to the report, the United States will continue to occupy the first place among the states in terms of adoption of smart speakers, but a large part of this year’s growth will also come from the markets of Southeast Asia; especially China.

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