Facebook join the elite club of the top features of the American patent

فيسبوك الرؤية الحاسوبية

Released last year’s statistics of us patents where still IBM topping the ranking were many Korean companies are in the top ten representative this year, the entry of Facebook to the list of top 50 companies for the first time in its history.

During the 25 years enabling IBM to get a large number of patents make it relate to the other companies, and in the last year alone recorded more than 9 thousand patent on its behalf.

Came Samsung in second place and then for Canon cameras, photography and Intel processors and LG completed the top five.

I stayed giant companies like Apple and Amazon out of the top ten with the relative stability in their positions last year. In general the company was Toyota and Huawei of the best companies that improved its position compared to the previous year, while the fallen companies such as Toshiba and Fujitsu.

For a list of the best thousand companies access to U.S. patents and to enter the next page.

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