Facebook know financial rewards for discovering security holes in third-party applications


Runs many services on the internet rewards programs. Is to encourage security researchers to find security vulnerabilities is discovered which can then be shared with the company in exchange for financial reward. I have a Facebook similar program of its own, which now expands its scope to include security vulnerabilities found in third-party applications.

Will researchers Security who discover security vulnerabilities in third-party apps that link to Facebook platform and reporting on the Rewards. And Facebook with great concern about the way access to the powers that enable Facebook users to log into other applications and services through their accounts on Facebook.

On this subject, the director, engineering safety in the company of Facebook, Mr. Dan Gurfinkel said : ” in the case of exposure, can abuse the use of certificate authentication, based on the powers granted by the user “. He added : ” We want to have researchers, a clear channel to report these errors is important, and we want to do our part to protect people’s information, even if the source Cell are under our direct control “.

The researchers will receive at least $ 500 dollars for reports good. Will increase the amount based on the seriousness of the vulnerability that has been reported. Mr. Dan Gurfinkel said : ” it is important to accept the reports just in case if vulnerability detected will lead to sending data from or to your device while using the app or website, which suffers from a security bug “.

As soon as a problem arises in the application of the third party, will inform the developer of this app will include Facebook in collaboration with him to review this problem. Will suspend applications that do not respond to its developer until you fix the errors and complete a security audit conducted by Facebook.



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