Facebook knows about his need for engineers, researchers, know why

It seems that Facebook is looking to redouble its efforts to “decentralization”, as you network social networking currently employ engineers, researchers and specialists in the “block Chi”, as required Facebook is currently hiring “data scientist, and data, two engineers software” for inclusion in the group block Qi according to for his job.

According to the published site TNW Dutch, suddenly, in the declaration :”the team blockchain emerging on Facebook, with a vision to make technology the blockchain is working on a large scale at Facebook”.


In addition, the company is looking also for the recruitment of pilot marketing project management, where the said Facebook in the announcement, “the team seeks the blockchain we have to create a new marketing experience focused on exploring the opportunity to process the blockchain”.

Given that this year, the network for social networking the establishment of a full team to explore the use cases of the blockchain, it should be this news is a surprise.

In fact, it was reported that the company already has 12 people working on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency again in May, pointing to Mark Zuckerberg, chairman of the board, it is believed that the technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency have the ability to “the acquisition of the energy systems of the central and put it into the hands of the people”.

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