Facebook knows about his plans concerning the digital currency

Say Facebook it would not launch a digital currency Libres own to “deal fully with regulatory concerns”, although he added that the organization of work and the same will happen to a large extent in Switzerland, not in the United States in testimony prepared before his appearance before the Senate Banking Committee.

Said David Marcus, president of Calibra on Facebook, it should be for regulatory opinion in the crypto-currency before its launch.

Wrote Marcus said: “We know we need to take the time to correct this”, and “I want to be clear: won’t Facebook work field Digital to address regulatory concerns fully and we received approvals appropriate”.

Have a plan for Facebook to launch its encrypted with key support from the Giants of the financial industry, including PayPal and Visa and Mastercard, but lawmakers around the world expressed their doubts about the ability of the company social media on the management and organization of the work exists outside many of the federal governments, will give both the U.S. House and Senate hearings on digital currency Libres, in being attacked by the US President Donald Trump on Twitter last week, saying that it would be “weak or less reliable”.

Facebook reassures governments about digital currency Libres

الفيسبوك تعلن عن خططها بشأن العملة الرقمية ليبراFacebook announces its plans on digital currency Libres

In the same framework proposed by the government of India imposed a ban on LeBron, because India is one of the main objectives of Facebook for encrypted despite the fact that these governments will be able to have a say in the tools and services that use the digital currency Libres, including wallet application Calibra digital on Facebook, he assured Marcus, all the governments on that work and confirming that it will be subject to the supervision of financial institutions both domestic and international and data of its users safely and the privacy is unsurpassed.

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