Facebook launches a new feature to its users in Egypt

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Announced company Facebook today announced the availability of property protection of the design pictures personal accounts in Egypt, which would enable users to talk over the way you react to others with the image of their personal account and make them speak more to their experience as helping them to stay safe, they are using the internet.

Will appear the image of the personal account of the local frame of protective blue surrounds the picture the current account, which will when you add it with the following:

  • Won’t be able to others who use Facebook to download, share or send a photo to your account in the message.
  • People won’t be able to non friends on Facebook to mention any person including themselves in the image of the personal account of your own.
  • Prevent others from capturing a screen image of your personal Facebook account to a property that are currently available on devices Android phones.
  • Show a protective frame in blue on the image of the personal account as a means of protection visible.

Said nashwa al-Ali, head of the Department of public policy in the Middle East and North Africa: “You think pictures of personal accounts is an important part of building a community using Facebook because it helps people in search for friends, create meaningful relationships and real conversations, it is through our work with public safety organizations in Egypt shows that some women choose not to share pictures account their personal fear of its misuse, the launch of property protection and design images personal account on Facebook within our ongoing commitment to protect the 35 million monthly active users in Egypt through their presence on the internet and give them more control over who can download or share the pictures of my account”.

Will Facebook users see a detailed guide step by step, they can add optional protection the image of the personal account, you will be able to access the new feature via the internet and Android system وMTouch وMBasic وFBLite.

It is worth mentioning that the property to protect the image of my personal account became available currently in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Facebook launches a new feature to its users in Egypt

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