Facebook launches a payment service of its own

فيس بوك تطلق خدمة دفع خاصة بهاFacebook launches a payment service of its own

The network announced on Facebook that she shot today payment network of its own , will be dealt with through the application of its famous Facebook user Instagram WhatsApp will be the name of the Facebook Pay.

Like the rest of the payment platforms, you will have to choose the platform to new payment as a way to pay the services on the applications supporting it, then you won’t need to enter payment information your in all at once, just choose (Facebook, eBay) as a means to pay dues or donate on the network .

Platform supports new payment most major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal, payments are handled in partnership with companies such as PayPal and stripes, and in all other parts of the world, where the system is Facebook Bay on the existing financial infrastructure and partnerships .

The service will be available from today for users of Facebook Maserati United States, the donations and send the money from one person to another and buy the games from within the app, I soon reach to the rest of the Facebook applications and the rest of the state.

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