Facebook launches a separate tab for shopping through its app

Facebook launches a separate shopping tab through its app

Shopping has become an easier way through the Facebook network through a new independent tab of its own that appears in the side menu of the application for the Facebook Shops shopping service.

The company says that it seeks to provide a store for users and brands to display and sell their products in an easy and convenient way. Before it was done through pages, but now it is more organized.

Instead of having to go to the company's website after clicking on the product and then buying it from there, you can now purchase within the Facebook application itself.

The company relies on artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques to organize products so that they are placed in groups according to brand, color, design, general character. And if you search for something custom, you will get useful search results.

And Facebook provided companies and stores with tools to customize their shopping pages, such as displaying products individually or collectively, more statistics, and more.

It also provides technical support service via Messenger, private Instagram messages, and even WhatsApp to respond to customers' inquiries.

Improving support for online shopping through the Facebook network comes at a time when the number of users who rely on e-commerce is increasing, especially with the Coronavirus crisis around the world.

It is worth noting that all of these features begin to gradually become available to users in the United States now, and then in other regions around the world.


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