Facebook launches app pays users for using their data

The company announced Facebook on Tuesday announced the launch of their new application ’stdin’ Study ad hoc for research purposes, which brings the data of the users own smartphone applications, and features that they use within these applications, the time spent in it, and that paid financial.

Said the giant social networking of America, in a publication on her blog: “help the market research companies in building better products for people. We believe that this work is important to help us improve our products for people who use facebook”. She added: “We also know that this type of research must be kept for what they are, and how you will collect and use their information, and how you can choose not to participate in the research at any time.”

Facebook launches app pays users for using their data

Comes this announcement from Facebook after a report revealed the end of the month of January last that the company was over the past three years pay for a group of young people the amount of a monthly meeting to let him get all the data by using them for her phones, in the framework of the research project.

The report stated that Facebook – which detractors say: it’s not doing enough to protect the privacy of its users – give youth between the ages of 13 and 25 years the amount of US $ 20 per month, for consent to install the application ’VPN’ VPN named ’Facebook research’ Facebook Research.

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And now comes a new app to serve the same purpose, but with the provision of more transparency, and the compensation of all participants, and keep users ‘ information safe and impervious, said Facebook in its publication.

Explained Facebook they will run ads to encourage people to sign up in the app, by clicking on the ad, will allow users to register to participate, and, if applicable, the terms and conditions required, we’ll send a Facebook invite to download the app from the Google Play Store.

The company said: the app is only intended for users over the age of 18, you will receive material compensation for the use of the app, as they can choose not to participate, remove the app at any time.

Explained Facebook to the information that it monitors the application of ’stdin’ include: applications installed on the phone and more when used, and the amount of time spent by the user in those applications, and common, type of device and network.

The company confirmed that the app does not collect on the personal ID, passwords, or any content of the private participant in the program, such as: images, videos, and messages. Also confirmed they do not sell any users information to any third party, or they use to target their ads.

It is indicated that the app will be available initially in two states: the United States, India, and Facebook: it will continue to improve the app, to be available in other countries later.

Facebook launches app pays users for using their data


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