Facebook launches application Study to track users ‘ data in exchange for financial compensation


A Facebook application that wants to track how you use your phone and you for that usually of the new. Study is the application of research marketing new Facebook will the user’s behavior, including installed applications and times of use, location, and device and network.

Facebook claims it is going to use this information for applications that prefer them the users with the aim of improving their products. With respect to privacy, Facebook says that it will not collect user content or passwords or messages, it also explained that data will be collected about users will not be sold to third party companies.

To recruit users, will Facebook targeted advertising which will demand the user after verification of age details and other personal. Once you confirm the Facebook information mentioned, will allow you to download application to Study and log in using your details.

During the setup process, the application will you once again all the data collected and how it will be used. Will need to the participants also to provide a PayPal account of their own which will be used to obtain financial compensation. Exact amounts are still not detailed officially. Once you run the app, it will remind participants regularly that they are part of the programme of Study Program. Users are free to leave the program at any time, which will require uninstalling the app and notify Facebook that they had to cancel their participation.

In the beginning, will still be applied to Study exclusive to Android users in the United States of America and India. It is estimated that Facebook will optimize the app with the passage of time and launch it in more countries around the world.


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