Facebook launches feature Facebook Watch Party for everyone as of today


Got feature Watch Party to network Facebook earlier this year. This feature allows users to share video clips across the internet at the same time. This feature was available only within societies, but that changed today, Facebook is now launching a feature Watch Party for all the pages and personal accounts all over the world.

When was the launch of the water, said Facebook that the idea behind creating this feature is to create an experience closer to people from each other and inspire human connection ” rather than consumption goods “. Revealed the Facebook network today announced the launch of the 12 million viewing party ” Watch Party ” in societies since the arrival of this feature in January of this year. Encouraged by these water to raise the rate of posting comments within the groups by nearly eight-fold compared with the video indirect.

Some improvements have been made also on this feature such as comments serial, allowing users to conduct separate talks on the direct commentary. It is also possible to schedule viewing party ” Watch Party ” in early now.

As of today, you’ll be able to all the pages and personal accounts on Facebook in all over the world use the feature to Watch Party to watch videos simultaneously with other users over the internet. It may take a few days to show this feature to all users. Thus, have some patience and in case if you didn’t get this feature until now.



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