Facebook launches many of the advantages of video and table video IGTV

The company announced Facebook on Monday about the number of updates that target content makers and publishers, during a session at the meeting of international broadcasting was held in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Updates include changes to the streaming, and(evening viewing) Watch Party, and(studio creator) Creator Studio, and it comes with improvements on the tools, and the expansion of advantages, as improved conversions. It also includes better methods for the preparation and Broadcasting simultaneous live broadcast, and methods to make better use of events (evening viewing), standards new to track video performance, in addition to the new feature that allows scheduling of content on the service IGTV own instead even before six months of publication.

With regard to the video, had said the Facebook: it’s launched – in response to the request of users of streaming on its platform – many advantages for Pages Facebook – not a profile – and the company through these updates attract professional broadcasters who prefer a live broadcast via Facebook, to the side – or substitute other platforms, such as YouTube.

It is through the interface of the application development search direct, it became possible for publishers to now use a feature that allows them to search administrators page editors only, in order to test the broadcast, and interactive, and other technical matters, prior to the start of the broadcast to the public. As it became possible for publishers the story of the beginning and end of the live broadcast, as it doubled the company the duration of the broadcast of 4 to 8 hours.

Supported Facebook also one of the most notable advantages that the frequent demand for them they allow the use of applications that allow publishers to the country to the other platforms outside of Facebook. As pointed out Facebook, to They newly started to support the live broadcast on the lite version of their application: (Facebook Lite).

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Announced the Facebook for feature enhancement group viewing (evening viewing) enable the page to schedule a party broadcast providers to watch, as water has become Support (re-broadcast) to allow those who missed his live broadcast to watch later, it became possible to refer to partners working in the content that tells the brand.

Said Facebook: the feature (live commentary) Live Commenting – that allows the host broadcast live in (viewing party) to see their comment has become available to all users around the world.

The (studio creator) – used by publishers for consideration, management, adaptation, and measure the performance of their content across all of Facebook, instead – it will soon feature helps content creators to see the videos that you want viewers loyalists in the vision, through the knowledge of videos that encourage viewers to return to it later.

And the measure of the new distribution the performance of each video based on the historical average of the image according to a set of metrics, including: consultations per minute, average minutes of viewing, and respect. These water – that are put up in the next few months – clips easy-to-read performance video.

It will support (studio content creators) 13 new language for the automatic: Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Russian, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. To add these languages to the languages currently supported: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

As with Instagram, you’ll be able to publishers of the published tables and publications Instagram وIGTV 6 months ago. You will also support the company through the coming months, save and edit content.

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