Facebook launches new app to rival TikTok

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فيسبوك تطلق تطبيق جديد لمنافسة TikTok

Company returned to Facebook again to use the method of cloning features and applications in order to pull the rug from under the feet of competitors, where they released a new app called Lasso, which lets users create short video clips, in order to suitable the application of TikTok China is a popular major, which has recently merged with the application of the Musical.ly, and the platform of social media in gaining teenagers, where he said half of teenagers only in the year 2018 they’re still using Facebook compared to 2014 when he said 71 percent of them they’re using the product.

The information related to the development of this application has appeared for the first time in late October, users can through the application of Lasso Lasso-record short video clips and synchronize the way the lips move with the music, similar to what can be done already via the application of Tik Tok TikTok, also allows Facebook app users to record short clips such as the application of the Vines.

The app is available on Android and iOS iOSand continue it in the current time on the United States of America only, the organization said in the app description: “lasso Lasso is a standalone application new the videos short and entertaining from comedy to beauty to fitness and more. We’re excited about the possibilities here, and we will collect comments from the people and content creators to develop and improve the app”.

This allows you to Lasso the filming of video clips lasting up to 15 seconds (no preloader), and users can log into lasso Lasso via Instagram or create an account using Facebook, giving the app permission to access the page file of your personal photos and videos to the user, so that after completion of the setup process to scroll through the many short video clips that run automatically during traffic.

And view the tags or the hashtag prominently at the bottom, as the user can, in a manner similar to the rest of the platforms, social media, filter the content with tags, and watch videos lasso Lasso as a story on Facebook, Facebook Stories, with the work of the company to add a feature later to watch the videos as a story on Instagram, with reference to the user is not able to make their profile private, which may cause some concern.

The mosques in the application of Lasso Lasso-a lot of content, similar to what was there already via Facebook Watch the launch of the initial, and moved away to Facebook for a statement formally launching the app via its website, and its announcement of the app on a tweet posted by the product manager of Facebook Andy Huang Andy Huang via his account on Twitter announcing the launch of the app, to later Product Manager Lasso Bowen B Bowen Pan tweeted about the app.

The gate Arab News Technical Facebook launches new app to rival TikTok

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