Facebook launches the “web portal” your guide to comprehensive privacy and recognize the product

facebook youth

facebook youth

Launched Facebook special section on its website addressed to a particular segment of users called “the gateway of the network” says that a comprehensive guide to everything you need to about fertility available in Arabic.

The site includes two main sections are the basics of facebook and basic information about facebook and security and network knowledge, and to participate consciously on the social network biggest.

The second section includes tips and opinions of other people my age about issues of their concern in the industry change communities and inspiring new ideas to express the self, build community and deepen relationships online. This section includes a set of principles as well as the Code of subset.

Focus the portal on the function of education through the provision of information about getting the most out of the advantages of the Facebook like pages, groups, events, and personal data of the advertiser, and maintain safety at the same time. In addition to information about the types of data collected by Facebook and how we use it

As well as through the Department of “voices peer” shows the teenagers around the world how to use their account first personal in a new and innovative

Can say that this portal is to explain facebook and the tools it provides for users to interact with them to achieve their goals, whatever, and used Facebook visual elements to make the textual content less boring particularly for the target audience of the site.

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