Facebook launches tool to remind you of the dates of medical examinations

The company announced Facebook on Monday announced the launch of a new tool intended to remind users of the dates of medical examinations, in a new step in the field of health care tools and personal digital, are excluded from the user base immense.

Said the giant social networking of America, in a publication on her blog: “the development of Facebook products and partnerships that can help people access resources that support their health. Today sharing with you an update of some of these works, including a new tool for preventive health in the United States.”

Facebook launches tool to remind you of the dates of medical examinations

Started Facebook put its new that reminds its users in the United States, based on demographic factors such as: age, sex, to get a check or health test.

Come this tool from Facebook, because research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other research groups; and have shown that millions of people do not take preventive steps based on evidence in order to take care of their health, according to what he said (Freddy one) – specialist in diseases of the heart, which manages the efforts of Facebook health.

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She explained the Facebook that its new – launched by the name (preventive health) Preventive Health – searchable through the application of its own mobile devices. Users can learn tests, such as mammograms or tests for cholesterol, the recommended. Will you pay Facebook also its users proactively to get the injected flu in the time that it is likely that the implementation, in addition to find nearby sites, such as: grocery stores, pharmacies, where these injections.

And it seems that the police have a way to check if the user has already received the flu vaccine, which he knows to watch reminders redundant. But to avoid it requires integrated deeper with the health care system, including patient medical records, and have avoided Facebook in the previous this kind of integration in the light of privacy concerns.

The company is working with many partners in the world of Public Health on this initiative, including the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. Said Facebook: it will work over time to add more health products, the provision of the tool in more countries.

It is indicated that this step is not the first step Facebook in initiatives related to health. The company has developed tools to encourage people to donate blood when there is a shortage, and promote organ donation by requiring users to share their status.

Facebook launches tool to remind you of the dates of medical examinations

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