Facebook leave the option to assess the sources of reliable news for all its users



Usually “Mark Zuckerberg”, the founder and CEO of the network, Facebook, to talk about upcoming changes for the company to view the posts, this time through the problems of dealing with the evaluation of news sources.

“Zuckerberg,” the news constitutes almost 5% of the total of what the user is watching from the consultations, and in the presence of sources of calls to hatred or to attract a segment of readers, those sources must be carefully treated before they appear for all users given the important role played by social networks in the transfer news.

Decided the social network introduced a referendum for the news sources, through the user’s question from an agency, then ask him about the extent of its credibility and certainty necessary also, in this case will be adopted the sources that got high ratings by a wide range of users.

He stressed, “Zuckerberg” that the proportion of news displayed to the user will decrease to 4%, It is true that the change is minor, but other changes at the level of quality and credibility will appear, and the user that the news has already become reliable.

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Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, January 19, 2018

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