Facebook make changes to speakers smart to focus on privacy


Yesterday, we told you that Facebook Inc. decided to postpone the launch of smart speakers special because of the scandal of the current privacy found Facebook itself available. Now according to a new report recently released from the location of The Information, it appears that Facebook will make more changes to the smart speakers coming to focus on privacy.

For those who heard about it for the first time, it was speculated previously that the Facebook company is working on two smart speakers which are similar in the way they work all of the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo, the Show that features touch-sensitive screen. One of the features said to come with a tweeter equipped with a touch-screen include Face Detection that will suggest users to conduct video chats when they are near the device.

Now according to The Information, will Facebook make some changes to the smart speakers own terms rather than sending video data to servers for processing and storage, you may Facebook stored locally on the device itself. This means you won’t have to worry about collecting Facebook data and store it on its servers.

During her conversation with the location of The Information, Ms. Jennifer Lynch, a lawyer in the foundation Electronic Frontier Foundation : ” it will be interesting to in my mind to say Facebook design and issuing device uses facial recognition technology, where it already owns one of the largest databases of facial recognition in the world. That would allow him to take the algorithm to a completely new level because they will conduct a survey of people within the organization from all different angles “.



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