Facebook make compression technology audio own open source

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Often, when you upload an image to a platform like Facebook instead time enrollment, etc from other platforms, it is the pressure of this sound. The reason behind this is that smart phones and cameras that we have today taking pictures of the very precise which makes them huge in size, it is clear that huge files take so long., both during lifting or loading, as they consume much space in memory.

This is the reason why many platforms use technologies of their own vulnerability to compress the size of images. Having said that, I’ve got a company Facebook similar technique, and it seems they now decided to make this technology open source, this means that it will be possible for third-party developers to take advantage of them. Ask for this technique the name ” Spectrum“, and the use of audio compression technology, this in apps iOS, Android if you chose the developers take advantage of them.

Now, here’s the funny thing : you know Facebook for many things, but sound pressure is not necessarily something that can be linked to this social network. There is a possibility to have developers use better tools, but because the technology Facebook has become open source, this makes it important to have access to this technology easier, particularly for developers of Small who do not have the resources necessary to develop compression algorithms of their own. If this technique interest you, and he moved up to the position of Spectrum to get more details.


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