Facebook may launch its digital later this month

Financial Markets Wall Street Facebook, New York, USA - 29 Mar 2018

I hesitated several times over the past few months that Facebook is working to create their own digital currency. In the case if the content of the new report which was released recently is true, it seems that Facebook company will launch of this digital currency in the very near future. This includes the new report that we’ll see Facebook launching their own digital currency later this month.

New information points to that Facebook will be launching a new digital currency own this month, and also that will be granted to employees who are working on this project the option to pay them using this digital currency.

It also states that in addition to the staff of Facebook, the target markets for this digital currency are developing countries where currencies are backed by governments, more volatile. Will be using this digital currency in the new Facebook services such as WhatsApp, but also believe that the company will be held on station payment for which will be similar to the machines ATMs.

It is reported that Facebook has signed partnerships with external partners Major include financial institutions and technology partners that are of high credibility to be part of an independent institution to contribute to the capital and help to control this digital currency. Facebook is working also with governments to improve the operation of its new digital approved. Why does the company disclose its plans for its currency digital until now.

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