Facebook may relate to the fine in the billions of dollars of the Federal Trade Commission

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Facebook was the focus of many scandals and Privacy over the past year or so, the company has been able in most cases to escape without being affected. However, it seems that her luck is about to end because today released the report new of the Washington Post suggests that it may be fined Facebook a multibillion-dollar by the Federal Trade Commission.

The report says that the Federal Trade Commission and Facebook are currently in talks to negotiate a fine will be imposed on the company due to violations of privacy undertaken by Facebook in the past years. And assuming they managed to reach a good number, it is possible that this is the largest fine imposed by the Federal Trade Commission on the company’s technology so far, but there is currently no information about the amount of this fine.

Since then, Facebook has confirmed it is in talks with the Federal Trade Commission, but refused to provide any additional details. According to Senator Democrat Richard Blumenthal, has stated by saying : ” Facebook faces a moment of reckoning, and the only way that will come out of this calculation is an order of the FCC imposes strict penalties and other sanctions to prevent this kind of violations of privacy in the future. “

On the other hand, stated the executive director of the Center for electronic privacy the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Mr. Marc Rotenberg, said : ” it’s an open question at the moment about whether the Federal Trade Commission Effective Agency for privacy, which is also an open question about whether the Federal Trade Commission is prepared to use its authority current to protect the privacy of consumers in the United States. “

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