Facebook merges Messenger and Instagram chats in a new update!

For a long time, we have been hearing about rumors and reports about Facebook's intention to integrate the chat service through Messenger and Instagram in addition to WhatsApp . Facebook started the first steps towards this matter.

Facebook merges Messenger and Instagram chats in a new update!

There is a new update launched by Facebook for Instagram entitled “A new way of messaging on Instagram”. The most important advantages of the new update are the following: improving the user interface by adding more colors, interacting with emoji, dragging to respond to a specific message, and most of all the ability to communicate with Friends on Facebook.

Facebook merges Messenger and Instagram chats in a new update!

After performing the update, the DM icon in Instagram will be changed to the Messenger icon.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram integration

The integration of messages and chats on Instagram and Messenger is being tested with a limited number of users on iOS and Android, and the global launch is expected in a few weeks.

It is worth noting that Facebook has the largest user base in the world regarding instant messaging applications, which includes Messenger and WhatsApp, which each have more than one billion users, in addition to Instagram, which also provides the messaging feature as well as the advantages of sharing photos and videos.

Unifying communication services across the three applications may be useful and practical for users, but at the same time it raises concerns and raises concerns about maintaining users' privacy, and for this reason there is opposition to that step in the US administration and among members of Congress.

It is worth noting that Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 in a deal amounting to one billion dollars, and two years later in 2014 it acquired WhatsApp in a deal estimated at $ 19 billion.

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