Facebook modified the latest news to focus on friends

Conducted Facebook a new amendment on the way to the emergence of publications in the “latest news”, as part of a wider transformation towards improving the quality of the time spent by the user on the site, the company says: it will start in giving priority to the posts published by the persons, who make your document.

She explained the giant social networking it will work to show the links, which might be considered by the user more important for him, more than the previous, so that will help new updates to improve the algorithm “latest news” better, by showing the content which is considered by the user more relevant to his life.

The company said in a publication: this does not mean that “the latest news” would be limited to the participation of some persons only, as it does not necessarily mean your participation for more content friends, but you will probably the problems of those who make your document at the top of your feed and newsletter.

The Facebook experience in the period prior to the change, a survey of users to determine who are the closest to them in the lists of their friends, and content you prefer to see it, she explained that this survey – besides the direct observations assisted in better predict the friends who may wish to share their publications more.

The company is also tracking the users who often put their tags to each other on the photo, or interact with each other on the site, and indicated that they will continue to update the algorithm based on your activity, so you can keep up with the changes in your life.

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Said Facebook: we know that the person you want to see its publication now may not be the same person who you want to see the publications by year, or even a few months ago, we set our models to predict constantly, based on interactions conducted by persons with their friends on Facebook.

Confirmed giant social networking continued in a survey of the views of people to ensure that you understand them, how to identify perceptions and concerns of new friends, who want to share their publications, and building on these same principles, they will also attempt to prioritize the links that the user may be more interested in it.

Recall that Facebook has been exposed, at different times of the past, to criticism due to the amendments to the “latest news”, where the hair of some users that the content of the tyrant on the “latest news” comes from pages and brands, rather than people who were more important to them.

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