Facebook monitors the time you spend on the site

Do you wish to know specifically the time you before on Facebook on a daily basis? Facebook is working on a feature to see your time played before under the name “Your Time on Facebook”. Water law development of Facebook has been discovered by using Twitter Jane Manchun Wong which I discovered for the first time before the website Tech Crunch with Facebook which confirmed the advent of the alleged water soon.

According to what is revealed about Jane the next will enable the user to know the time of his case on the Facebook application daily for a week earlier and also the average number of hours that has been spend during the week. In addition to that will feature the possibility to adjust the app to save you when you cross a certain number of hours if you want to reduce the time you waste on Facebook.

At the beginning of 2018, said the CEO of Facebook that one of the objectives of the company’s core is to make the time spent a user on Facebook “time is to spend it well” where it was explained that there would be adjustments on Facebook for the emergence of better content a user creates is greater than the user interest bulk of the time spend on the site.

Despite that, this new feature does not look like one of the steps in this direction, but it’s still a good step and will be useful very useful to a lot of users who don’t feel the amount time are spent in the use of Facebook or for those who want an internal tool to follow the time it takes to use the app.

Facebook won’t be the only app that will get this feature the application instead owned by the same company will also receive a similar feature to see the time that has been spent in using the application on the other hand, you also revealed that he added a feature to alert users when a significant number of hours and direct them to take some time away from a custom app to watch videos.

The next version of Android also Android P will be the feature enables users to know the time that has been spent on the phone and alerts them if they wanted in addition to a tool to know the time that has been spent in the use of certain applications on the smartphone.

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