Facebook officially launches the application by the competitor for TikTok under the name of Lasso


There were reports that the company Facebook is developing a new application to compete with application to TikTok, an application which is very common from China allows users to create videos of Duration 15 seconds. Have application to TikTok very popular among teenagers has been combined recently with the Musical.ly to expand the user base. Requires Facebook now to take advantage of this new sway a category of teenagers, after it turns out the company that the Facebook network is no longer important for this particular category of users. Thus, the company decided Facebook is now launching a new application called Lasso, which basically depends on the application of the same concept TikTok.

Revealed a survey conducted by the Foundation, A Pew Internet earlier this year that half of the teenagers are the only ones who said they still use Facebook in the year 2018 compared to 2014, when he said 71% of the teenagers that they use a social network regularly. Requires Facebook now to restore the adolescents who were lost to them through a different service, namely the Lasso.

The Facebook Inc. launched the application of the Lasso to the New without a lot of fanfare. The application allows users to record themselves while dancing or lip-synching with the music. This is quite similar to the application of the TikTok users. Users can also record short video clips such as Fens ( Vines ) with the application of Lasso.

On the occasion of the launch of this app, stated a spokesperson in the name of the company Facebook, said : ” the Lasso is an application independent of short video clips, fun – from comedy to beauty, fitness and more. We are excited about our possibilities here, we will gather the comments of people content creators “.

Users can log in to Lasso, using the accounts and Instagram their own or by creating an account via Facebook. Will run video files short automatically in the app while the hashtags at the bottom. Can filter content through hashtags also. You can watch video clips of the Lasso as a story on Facebook, it would be possible to do this also on the Instagram soon.

Generally, the application of Lasso is now available for download on the platforms Android and iOS through my store and Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.



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