Facebook officially launches the feature “Clear browsing history” which will be out

The company announced Facebook on Tuesday officially announced the launch of the feature (Clear browsing history) that will harm the company itself in terms of its ability to target users with ads, comes this all after the postponement lasted for about a year and a half.

He was the CEO of Facebook and its founder (Mark Zuckerberg) was revealed in the month of May 2018 that the company is working on building a feature called “Scan registry”, and allows users to see the apps and websites that interact with it, and wipe that information from their accounts.

Today, the company said in a publication on her blog: “there are many apps and websites for free because they rely on advertising. To reach people who are likely that they are accused of, including selling his businesses, operating those companies (including Facebook) to share your data interactions people on their websites with advertising platforms, and other services”.

The Facebook: “this is the basis of most of the internet, but given that the average person who owns a smart phone more than 80 apps, used 40 of them per month, it may be difficult for people to track every Who Owns information about them, and used”.

In order to assist the users to solve this problem, launched a Facebook today new feature, which has become a new name is (activity outside of Facebook) Off-Facebook Activity. She explained it allows users to view a summary of all apps, and web sites that send Facebook information about their activity, with the possibility to delete such information from their accounts if they so wish.

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As for the mechanism of action of the new feature, it has hit Facebook, so the example website the clothes he wants to know on Facebook ads to people interested in new-style shoes are the websites and applications that share information with the Facebook information said that someone on one of the devices look to these shoes. If the information device is compatible with the account of that person on Facebook, the social network show you ads for those shoes.

Said Facebook: the feature (activity outside of Facebook) that lets users see and control data that you share apps and other websites with Facebook, and users can remove that information and decipher it is linked with the Facebook, in addition to the ability to block Facebook access to all the activities that they do outside the network.

Explained Facebook it started the launch of the new feature gradually to be the first users in three countries: Ireland, South Korea, and Spain. The company promised to continue to put its users in all over the world in the coming months, in order to ensure its working as it should.

The company said: it is in the case of scanning the user’s activity outside of Facebook, the network will remove all its information from the data that you send applications to the web sites to Facebook. Police confirmed they wouldn’t know which sites to visit or what to do, and they will not use any data the user unzip the link Facebook them in targeted ads, or Instagram, or Messenger.

Explained Facebook that the user will be in the feature (activity outside of Facebook) websites or apps that he uses regularly, but he also may see sites and apps don’t know it, but they appear there because someone is using his computer access to those apps or sites, and he doesn’t know.

Facebook officially launches the feature “Clear browsing history” which will be out

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