Facebook opens a branch in China after years of Ban

فيسبوك تفتتح فرع لها في الصين بعد سنوات من الحظر

Because of the system of strict control over technology companies, most American companies technical and especially social networks are banned from working in China, where the work requires the state to obtain a license of the government includes a clause to allow control of operations of the company, which is rejected by most of the companies.

While Facebook is the most prominent of those companies granted to work in China, they will leave it Open Company subsidiary to carry out various actions away from the social network.

According to what reported by Reuters, the company invested$ 30 million purchase on behalf of the Facebook Technology will be in the city of Hangzhou, which is the wholly-owned group Facebook in Hong Kong which are subject to other oversight policy in China. Will the company act as a business incubator to invest in small projects and provide tips for startups to develop them.

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