Facebook paid $ 5 billion on violations of privacy

Approved the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on the settlement worth nearly 5 billion dollars with Facebook on the investigation of long-term errors privacy tech giant in relation to the scandal Cambridge Analytica (Cambridge Analytica) for 2018, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

This represents the largest fine imposed by the commission, commercial federal, A technology company, where she was the largest fine you Technology Company’s $ 22.5 million against Google Inc. in 2012 because of the privacy practices.

May lead the registration to the supervision of the federal unprecedented for the company, where it is expected that the settlement includes no restrictions other government on how to abuse Facebook with the privacy of the user.

Represent the fine of approximately 9 percent of the revenue of Facebook for 2018 or a quarter of its profits for the same year, the report said: if the Federal Trade Commission approved the settlement by a vote of party-based, where the sound of the three commissioners, Republicans in favor of tolerance and the sound of two of the commissioners of the Democrats against it.

We must decline the Ministry of Justice registry, which usually put the finishing touches on a settlement of the Federal Trade Commission terminate the investigations, but the fine is in line with what the company said, it expects to pay in its quarterly report issued in April.

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Started the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Facebook in the month of March 2018, following the emergence of reports that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica has arrived incorrectly to the data 87 million users on Facebook.

Managed Cambridge Analytica access to data through a test application called (This is Your Digital Life), which collect information about people who have installed it as well as their friends, which is a form of data collection that allowed by Facebook under an earlier version of the Privacy Policy.

This information has helped Cambridge Analytica to create profiles for users so that customers can target people who have political messages better.

The agency is concerned that Facebook had violated the terms of the agreement in 2011, which ask the giant social networking to give users alerts very clear when sharing their data with other parties.

Expanded Federal Trade Commission investigation and later extended to a range of violations of other privacy and security on Facebook, including the disclosure that it provided to the web sites of the famous makers of some of the smart phones and other devices access to users ‘ data without being notified adequately.

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