Facebook patented to predict the site of future user

فيسبوك تسجل براءة اختراع للتنبوء بالموقع

Made a Facebook application for the registration of several patents has by the United States Patent and trademark of Would you speculate the place of the future presence of the user at any times that would be out of contact, according to Buzzfeed News, where the title of the Facebook technology its new name Offline Trajectories “offline”.

And the idea of tracking the future of the site through Offline Trajectories study built on previous places the user has visited, allowing entry of the list of location data their own and also enter location data for other people to do the prediction, which of course will be based on the study of the map previous visits and track spatial relationships for the user to skip to the end to sites for places to visit in the future to the user. For example, if you are accustomed to visit a certain restaurant after the dog setting off the first select your current location if still in college would be likely to increase the the big event ready to take over soon.

In Can Facebook this patent rely on other people’s information just to predict the future challenges for the user, especially young people who often share a large number of the page or the places the students visit.

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