Facebook permanently discontinued its old design in September

Facebook is preparing to put an end to the old design of the site permanently while converting the new design by default for all users.

Facebook halted its old design permanently in September

If you are someone who has not yet received the new Facebook design, the date of your meeting with him has approached, as Facebook will send it to the last batch of users in September, so that it will be available to all its users around the world.

If you currently have the new design, you notice an option to return to the old design, but this matter will be temporary until September, when the classic design will be permanently suspended.

The company had revealed for the first time its new design at the developer conference last year, and began to make it available first on smartphones through its official app, then gradually began to be available on the web and the beginning was by requesting to join and then it became available on its own.

The new design carries big changes, most notably its support for the night mode with the color black, as it brings multiple empty spaces and changes the shape of the upper bar and uses icons from the application to give focus on some features such as groups, the video and games section.

The new design from the company still faces some problems in some parts of the interface in the Arabic version, but we hope until September that Facebook has fixed everything. It is a new chapter in the history of social network site designs, welcoming a new billion users.



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